Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Spiegeltent

I said it 2 years ago in a post I wrote called 'Tent Life' and I'll say it again- I LOVE THE SPIEGELTENT!!!! I went to see the amazing La Clique show there last night and I felt like a child at the circus. Except a child could not view some of the things that were on offer! The night began with Camille,the torch singer,singing to the crowd to ride the carosel. Next were 2 strongmen who did amazing acrobatic lifting things dressed as dapper English gents. Very nice touch when they stripped down to Union Jack undies,sock garters and bowler hats. I'm still sweating from their perfectly toned bodies.. ooh ahhh! This is where the Milongita has to have a right old bitch. It may appear a bit lengthy but I need to give you the history if you are to understand my rant. Here's goes... Up until last year, we used to hold an annual event called the Australian Tango Festival where all teachers and tango enthusiasts around Australia were invited to come to Melbourne to be involved in 4 days of classes,workshops,milongas and all things tango. This also included bringing someone from Buenos Aires to perform in the gala and give workshops. Last year's invitees were 2 brothers, Enrique & Guillermo De Fazio who are known as Los Hermanos Macana (the brothers Macana for those not familiar with the spanish lingo). My teachers and dear friends, David and Dianne paid for their airfares and organised their visas. Once they got here, Dianne and her husband,Steve put them up in their home,fed them and drove them everywhere. They were meant to go to Perth and give workshops and when that fell through, Dianne got creative and called a friend involved with booking acts for the Spiegeltent and got them gigs at Club Spiegel. The La Clique people liked what they saw and asked if they would like to be included in the last few shows of the season which they happily agreed to. Not bad eh? Not only do you get a bit of fame and glory in one of the biggest festivals in Melbourne but you get money you thought you wouldn't be getting. Very sweet indeed me thinks. Fast forward a year later. I get a call from my friend Melanie who saw La Clique on opening night and guess who one of the acts are? None other than the Macana Brothers. Do they call Dianne and say 'hey, thanks to you, we are now officially part of La Clique and we are travelling the world! " or 'we have a tight schedule but we'd love to catch up." NOTHING!!! I cannot tolerate disloyalty or such blatent ingratitude in people and this is completely disgusting. I was going to find them and attack them last night but I decided to avoid the fuckers altogether and believe in karma. That bad karma will strike them eventually and that Dianne's good karma will come from another source. If anyone deserves to be an act in La Clique- it's her and David. Rant over. Breathe. Praise Buddha... (in with love, out with anger...) My favourite act of the night was Amy G. She first appeared as a ditzy roller skate girl who plays an electric ukeleke and sings, later as a flamenco dancer on skates. The brothers Puta Madre (as I've been calling them) interacted here, doing a bit of tango with her and that was really good. Later, she came out and gave a dialogue about being an American and then played the American national anthem on kazoo which was in her vagina! It was amazing!! I'm sure she is selective in which parts of America she does that show!!! Captain Frodo-the rubber man has to be seen to be believed. He fits his body through 2 tennis rackets and does a balancing act on a pile of tin cans. He is also unbelievably funny. The part the ladies (and gay men) love is David, the guy wearing nothing but jeans who sits in a bath of water and does a trapeze act. I think we all left needing heart medication. Let's just say, he wasn't the only one who was wet at the end of the show. I could go on and on and on about it but don't just take my word for it- sell your granny and get a fucking ticket NOW!! Now excuse me, I'm off to buy a kazoo... "Australians all let us rejoice.... "

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