Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybe Tuesday Will Be My Good News Day

I've taken a vow of silence this week. Let's just say life on the domestic front is less than perfect. Ms Thing has been asked to leave the building and I have agreed to do so. However, I don't wish to talk to anyone. In short, I haven't been having a good time of things emotionally which has translated to 'bad housemate' therefore the problem must be removed. So, I'll stick my stuff in storage at the end of July and then fuck off to Sth America. Three weeks of tango,drinking,sight seeing,afternoons in Cafe Tortoni and mass consumption of beef should see me through. I guess I'll be a vagrant on my return until I find somewhere decent to live. This share house caper is -as the Yiddish say- for chumps. I went back to it as a way of not being insular and hermit-like but in all honesty, it's driving me straight back to medication. Or the bottle... mmm alcohol! I'll get out of this funk but it's just that life is sucking big meaty one's at the minute. I'm actually finding some solace and clarity in my silence. I'm looking forward to living alone again if the truth be told. I'll be poor but at least I'll be happy. No more living with petty bullshit and anal retentive ways. I love my organised chaos and my sometimes burst of obsessive tidying where I'll spend a day cleaning and tidying absolutely everything which may include vacuuming out drawers... yes be afraid, be very afraid. Just read my horoscope in the Age that tells me tonight is a good night for cleaning out my cupboards and not to think about romance of any kind. **Queue Twilight Zone music*** (oh yes and why would I think of romance of any kind? Are you winding up, Virgo?). So, apologies for this kind of downer post. I promised myself I wasn't going to spill forth my surgery scarred guts on blogs anymore but this one has been oddly healing. Anyway, let's leave on a positive note- here's me drinking to me;

Margarita with a Margarita

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mad (Wo)man

Despite my 'woo hoo' blog first thing this morning, I'm in a bit of a funk today. Have ten tonne thoughts swarming around my head and haven't slept properly in 2 days. In a fit of madness and sadness, I logged into www.secretsinlace.com and bought myself some Joan Holloway-esque lingerie. Very Ooh la la. Not sure if I'll look like Our Joanie or Ooh La La-ish but perhaps the red satin will cheer this girl up. Until then, I eagerly await my air mailed undies from the States. Naughty me.

Mushrooms,Chips & Vinnies

Monday morning. Two of the worse words put together in the English language. I went away for the weekend up to the country to visit the fabulous Ms Rose, Mr Mars and Lady Arky at their gorgeous property in Waterloo which is about 20 minutes outside of Ballarat. Rather than write about it, I thought I'd let the pictures tell the story: Sunday morning.. back of the house with the lovely sunshine and the mist rising. Gorgeous. Yes. It's a donkey eating a carrot. Golden tops... we couldn't decide if they're edible but we didn't find out. Strange penile looking mushroom... facinating! MM with strange fungi... Psilocybins anyone? A lazy afternoon... spent in the warmest room.. Rose knits one, purls one Arky in her 'awesome' jumper purchased an hour before from Vinnies and MM chowing down on chips in the Bridge Mall, Ballarat MM modelling her newly purchased bed jacket-100% authentic bri-nylon from the 60's. Vinnie's Ballarat-cool items bagged- time to flex the plastic! Hmmm not sure about this shirt... looking like a bag lady in Vinnies, Alfredton

Friday, June 26, 2009

Blue Faced Jarvis

I was just trawling through the CNN website, trying to find out if the rumour that Jeff Goldblum along with Jacko and Farrah has bought the proverbial farm is true and tripped over the above video. It's Oxfam's latest campaign to raise awareness for climate change. It's a bloody ripper and a great message. Any excuse to talk about Jarvis really. I love him. BTW- Jeff Goldblum is not dead. Neither is Harrison Ford. Jacko and Farrah- true. Is is wrong that I'm not the least bit sad that MJ is dead? As far as I'm concerned, he died after he made 'Thriller'. Vale Farrah. Here's your iconic 'swimsuit pic' from the 70's in memoriam..

Margarita MiMONGuita

I'm having a rough time of it at the moment. Maybe it's an age thing. Maybe I've had too much to drink and it's taking it's toll. Maybe I've always just had a really bad fucking short term memory! I've lost my phone for the second time this year. For the life of me, I don't know what I've done with it. I remember having it on my way home as I was texting my house mate back. My guess is, I put it in my coat pocket and it fell on the seat of the taxi on the way to the restaurant. That much I know because when I reached into my pocket and then my handbag, it wasn't there. I assumed I left it at home but, as I discovered when I returned there, it wasn't. Big fat smelly hairy bugger. I'm going away for the weekend and I forgot to pack my camera. Anyone who truly knows me will find this fact baffling as I always have the bloody thing,taking snaps of whatever I fancy. I was so tired this morning,trying to pack and placate a whingy cat that I completely forgot to grab it. Would have made for a great Monday blog. I guess I can get Rosie to take pics and I can load them onto the ol'memory stick... I need a memory stick for my brain! That would be fabulous! Okay.. need to focus. And eat some breakfast....Brain food perhaps?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kissing Booth

"Come on baby, knock me a kiss!" SUCCESS! The Milonguita gets her man and another ten bucks in the cigar box!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Fat Furry Boy

I want to introduce you to Louie. Louie is my cat who I adopted nearly 2 months ago. He was completely freaked out when he arrived at our warehouse and when he was let out of his cat box, he escaped and hid: Eventually he warmed to us (or just got hungry)and he's now part of the Down St family. He's the size of a small dog and would eat 24/7 if you let him. He thinks it's perfectly normal to wake me up at 4.30am for his breakfast, even if it means biting or scratching to arouse me from my sleep. We love him- how could you not?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Like Starting Over

As you have probably surmised, I haven't written anything for a helluva a long time. I haven't had anything to say. I still don't know what I'm going to say but I was reading over my old blogs and have decided-just now-that I'm just gonna damn well start. I stopped blogging because all I was doing was blogging my miserable life. When I read back on what I wrote, I couldn't stand what I was writing so I figured it would be doubly painful for all of you! I read other people's blogs and as I stumble across them I remember how other's used to stumble across mine and leave positive messages. It's such a great way to communicate with the world. You can always be a writer of sorts if you're a blogger and nothing wrong with giving yourself a feeling a self importance. I'm sure I have tons to write about. One of these days, a door in my head is going to open and a tidal wave of thoughts and ideas will pour forth, ready to be turned into words. It's Monday evening and I have just eaten my body weight in licorice. I don't need it but I inhale it anyway. I should go home to my fat bastard of a cat who is named Louie and is seriously the size of a small dog. We need a 'Beware Of The Cat' sign on the front door. He'll be rugby tackling me for his dinner as soon as I get upstairs. I think I'll get the tram home tonight so I can go straight to the shops on Smith St and then home, rather than home,Smith St and back home again. If I'm lucky enough to get a seat on the tram, I'll have more time to read. Okay, that wasn't too hard. First blog in quite a while. I might try again tomorrow.