Monday, January 15, 2007

Banal Retention

Here we are again... the beginning of another year. Yes I know we're 15 days into it but if you know me well, writing my first blog of the year now makes perfect sense. Not a lot has happened thus far. I haven't felt very inspired to write anything and when I have, I've been at work where I can no longer blog. I'm in a situation where I can only use the home PC when my housemate is out as my computer has gone kaput and I haven't got the $$$ to get another one at the moment. Woe is me. Instead of whinging and complaining about my lack of life, I'm going to give myself projects to work on so I have something to write about instead of banal blogs such as this one. Sorry guys... I did make a fabulous creamy blue cheese and parmesan polenta served with a roast tomatoe and veg sauce... deelish! Back soon when I actually have something to say. Can Madame burn? She certainly can!