Monday, September 24, 2007

This Blog Has No Title

It happened last Thursday. I turned 44. What the hell happened to me?? I celebrated another year by having 2 days off, lunch with the family, dinner with Emma & David and a vocal workout with Suzie, my singing teacher. I actually managed a little disco nap in between. On Friday I rose early to go and see Anna, my osteopath so she could crack and stretch me back to shape. I came back, has a spot of lunch and stretched out on the couch to watch 'Walk The Line' for the umpteenth time. The story of Johnny Cash and June Carter fills me with emotion. Johnny Cash's music is fabulous. People go on about Elvis but I say- piss on Elvis. Elvis should have been shot in the back of the head in 1959. Then he would have been great. Johnny Cash's music has grit and big hairy balls. Elvis was a soft cock. Bring on the hate mail but like The Wonder Stuff, I've never loved Elvis. Saturday night, I held my celebratory drinks as I did last year at my beloved Tiki Lounge and Bar. We decided to not make it the focal point so we had a jazz trio play. The Dry Martini's opened the night with their 'Mission Impossible'performance but the highlight was the debut of Spank The Minky AKA Shanghai Lil and Be Bop A Lola AKA Di and moi... I was shitting myself before the gig but once it was done I was pleased with it. I love performing despite it being so fucking nerve racking!! Photos to come soon.. beware! Bottoms with frilly knickers can be seen. Spent yesterday having brunch with my brother,George and his wife, Carmen at the restaurant where Nikki (my niece and their daughter) works. It's a mexican style restaurant called Blue Corn and they serve a mexican breakfast every weekend which kicks arse. Just what I needed and washed down with a Bloody Mary. Heaven. I spent the afternoon wandering around Acland and Barkly Streets. St Kilda has really lost it's soul. It used to be a great community of very different people but now it's completely developed and yuppified and not in a good way. It still has a few good shops but otherwise - blah. I fear Richmond will head that way too. Maybe it's time to head north as most of my friends have. Met up with Nikki when she finished her shift at Blue Corn where we shared a plate of fajitas. She shouted me a margarita and she sucked down a mojito, all mixed for us by her sexy Jake Gyllenhaal look alike workmate. We got a couple of takeaway cakes from Monarch and went back to hers for tea and cake. By then I was completely ready to pass out so I left for home. I watch Australian Idol (I know- feel free to mock me)and watched Bill Hicks and Hank Rollins clips on You Tube before showering and hitting the sack. Here it is,Monday night and I have no personality. I'm sure I'll find it under my pillow tomorrow.