Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Win For All Australian Women

Australian women stood up and said no this week and our voice was heard. The strength and power of our voices was too much to ignore. Our right to choose was heard and we should be dancing in the streets. Back in 1999, a crusty conservative named Brian Harradine held the balance of power. That says a lot for someone who was a so called independant and is also a crusty old white man from Tasmania. He is also very right wing Christian. Eeek. The abortion pill, RU486 was about to be placed on the Australian market and big Brian was dead against it. Now our bushy eye browed arch nemesis, little Johnny, was having wet dreams about the sale of Telstra and they needed Brian to facilitate this. So as the sucker of Satan's cock that he is, he did a deal with Brian to block the release of RU486 in the senate so Johnny's wet dream could come true (no pun intended). Fast forward and our current health minister, Tony 'I have Satan's scaly cock down my throat 24/7' Abbott just happens to be a right wing, conservative,fundamentalist Catholic bastard. This meant as health minister, he controlled the decision on RU486. This gives you an indication of how fucked this country is. For a start, whether a drug is good or bad should NOT be in the hands of politicians!! Any drug that is to be placed on the market should ONLY be the decision of the Therapeutic Goods Association or Act and only after years of thorough research. 2. Issues involving women and what happen to them should not be decided by men and decisions should never be based on religion!! Who would have every imagined that fat moll, Amanda Vanstone, having a rational thought in that ugly melon of hers? It warmed my heart and restored my faith (for a brief moment) to see women in parliament of different parties, banding together to tell it how it is and standing up against Abbott,Howard and all the other anti Christs to say NO. As Kerry Nettle's Tee Shirt so eloquently said "Mr Abbott, get your rosaries off my ovaries!" Now these bozos all think the same thing; that women are all filthy whores who want to fuck everything that moves (hey I would if I could but there is a drought on). Abortion is a simple choice that we make every day and we have no conscience about it. The reality is, no women wants to have one but women want to know that if they need to make that choice, it's there to make and they want it done safely. What throws me in a rage is why aren't men educated in being accountable? After all, pregnancy only occurs when a man shoots his load into a woman.. which makes me think that this case has more to do with misogyny and men controlling women than anything else. Anyway, for once, sanity has ruled supreme and Abbott was stripped of his power. Even Costello came forth and admitted his wife had to make a life and death decision to abort years ago and voted for RU486 to be given to medical experts and scientists to decide. So, women of Australia- the message is this: we have power and we must band together to stand up and be counted. To tell the boys club of Canberra we do not accept their oppression of us and everything else they have done. None of us agreed on their stupid decisions. All have been made to suit their own agendas. All Australians must fight to elect a government that supports us and our needs. Viva la verdad!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Go Hank!!

Good to see there are people around unafraid to tell it how it is... then again, who's gonna argue with someone such as Hank Rollins?,10117,18163970-13762,00.html

Friday, February 10, 2006

A Few Favourite T-Shirts

And get your conservative arse out of parliament you misogynistic, fear mongering fuckwit Me tambien!!!! I want this one!! Hey sexy hombres- get the hint!!!