Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chau Por Siempre

When a (now ex) friend suggested I begin writing a blog back in 2004, I was a different person. I was troubled and doing a lot of tango-hence the title 'Tango and Madness'.

Nearly seven years on, I'm older-a bit wiser and a lot more relaxed. I don't do that much tango anymore. This blog isn't really a good fit for me.

So,this is it. I've decided to keep blogging on my 'Can Madam Burn' blog about food and perhaps a bit about my regular life.

So for those who have supported me a bit along my way-thank you. I've made friends and shared ideas with people from different parts of the globe and that has been wonderful. I hope to continue to do so as a burning madam.

To quote Cheap Trick from their 'Heaven Tonight' album;

"See you later, see you later. Buenos Noches, Bye Bye"...