Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Those That Still Want It

photos by margarita milongita

Oh yay oh joy... after initially missing out on a ticket, I got to see one of my favourite bands, The Chills on Friday night. I'm still not sure of the East Brunswick club as a venue but heck, I would have seen them in a toilet block if that 's what was on offer!

The last time I saw them which- incidently, was the last time they toured- was in 1992 where they did 4 gigs at the now defunct Club in Collingwood. I saw them twice. I went to the first gig, where I had dragged my sorry arse out of my sick bed to see them. By Sunday, which was their last gig, I was feeling fitter so I went again so I could drink and dance! I remember when they played 'Wet Blanket', it was so packed I couldn't dance, so I ran to the toilets and had a boogie!!!

The Chills broke up in 1993 and the only thing they released was 'Heavenly Pop Hits-The Best Of The Chills'. Martin Phillipps dealt with his long term addiction to drugs and alcohol in that time. A great quote from him was that "I got over my additions and I didn't need God or Jesus to do it!"

I was concerned what the sound would be like after 18 years but my fears were soon placated. All the great tunes such as I Love My Leather Jacket, Pink Frost,Wet Blanket,Heavenly Pop Hit etc etc sounded wonderful.  Martin stepped to the mic and asked if anyone went to the '92 gigs-I was at the front and raised my hand. He was wondering about my age and then said 'oh we won't go there!' I responded that I was up there!

During a technical problem, Martin stepped to the keyboard and performed 'Submarine Bells' and he admitted that was the first time he performed it properly... sounded beautiful to me.

One encore and an apology from Martin explaining they had to leave plus the promise they will return and I was standing on Lygon St. I think I floated out of there. What a gift.

I hope they come back soon.