Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pass The Draino, I'm Blocked

I have had a hard time writing lately. I've had a shitty past two months so I haven't wanted to write. Well, I did do one post but one of my My Space friends checked it out and said it read like a suicide note and became worried. I was actually embarrassed about that one so I deleted it. I was having an exceptionally bad evening. The thing that annoys me is that I'll be on the tram or walking through the city and I'll think of amazing things I want to write about. I then get home and nothing comes once my fingers are paused over the keyboard. It saddens me that inspiration has been low. Someone recently said to just write from my heart but lately as I explained in the first paragraph, I just didn't want to fill blogs with dark, depressing passages. I think I will start writing about alternative comedians and jazz musicians as that's what I've been filling my life with lately. I've just completed a book on the trials of Lenny Bruce which was brilliant. I'm in awe of people who tell the truth with conviction and refuse to be silenced. I'm in awe of the genius of Bessie Smith,Louis Armstrong,John Coltrane,Duke Ellington,Miles Davis,Theonious Monk,Charlie Parker,Sonny Rollins,Ella Fitzgerald,Biilie Holiday, and Dizzy Gillespie. I'm listening to Miles at the moment. His music,to quote Wynton Marsallis- is "like the best encounters-soft but intense". My housemate is away for the week. I'm having a perfect moment being alone,listening to jazz and to the rain fall. Now all I need is a soft and intense encounter.