Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Muchas Gracias a Todos

Another birthday has come and gone. This year I decided to low tone it celebration wise and I throughly enjoyed it.

I spent the weekend quietly- retiring to my bed/lounge early to watch the footy and eat my dinner in bed.
Sunday I woke up,had 3 coffees and an almond croissant and readied myself for my drinks arvo at Yorkshire Stingo's in Abbotsford. A small group of lovely friends joined me for drinks and a bit of food.

When we were done there, we picked up Stacey and went to St Kilda Bowls Club to see one of our favorite Melbourne bands, Firebird and they did not disappoint. After that, we drove to Bimbo's for pizza and then dropped in to Night Cat for one set of Rumberos, a latin band. They were good but we were tired by then and all the ladies went to our respective homes for a well earned sleep!

I just want to thank all my lovely friends for your support and your birthday wishes. As I get older, I realise more and more that it's the people you surround yourself that matters. I liken friends to a game of cricket; do you want the sort that will go out to bat for you or the ones that run you out?

Thanks again good people...x

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wristcutters- A Love Story

Mikal,Zia and Eugene from a scene in 'Wristcutters- A Love Story'.

After a long emotional and crappy week, Friday finally came and went. It was definatly the weekend to spend in Cinema Margarita.

About 3 years ago, someone posted a clip on My Space for a film called 'Wristcutters' which I thought was a documentary about self harming. I pressed play and realised very quickly that this was not the case.

Last Friday night, I was at my video store deciding what else to watch when for some reason, this title came to mind. I asked the attendant if they stocked it and they did. I am a huge fan of the black comedy genre-as long as it's done well and this film did not disappoint.

The film begins with Zia, a guy who has been dumped by the love of his life,Desiree. Unable to deal with the pain of losing her, he suicides by cutting his wrists and bleeding out in a full sink. He crosses over to an afterlife where 'everythings the same,just a little bit worse'. He works at Kamikaze Pizza and befriends Eugene, a Russian immigrant rocker who 'offs' himself on stage- very rock and roll. 

One night whilst Zia and Eugene are at the bar, he runs into an old friend who advises Zia that Desiree had killed herself a month after his suicide. Zia encourages Eugene to go on a road trip in search of her so they can be reunited. In a car that has no lights and a black hole, they hit the road. On the way,they encounter a hitch hiker, Mikal who is looking for 'the people in charge' as she has been sent there by accident. They stumble across Kneller (the amazingly fabulously wonderful Tom Waits) who has lost his dog. He takes them back to a camp where miracles occur. In the search for Kneller's dog, Mikal and Zia's relationship develops on a beach they find (they spend an intimate night on a condom and syringe littered sandbank).
Kneller finds his dog but ends up being someone entirely different to what you first think, Zia locates Desiree and Mikal finds the people in charge.

To say I loved this film would be a huge understatement. It was imaginative,creative and highly original. I have this film for a week and I am definatly going to watch it again before I return it. If you feel so inclined, get it and if you can't find it, try downloading it! Great performances and music too. I need to get me some Gogol Bordello music....

'Ooh ooh ooh-through the roof,underground'........

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Memo To The World

Just because I say it and I write it, it isn't always so.
To paraphase a quote by JC (and I don't mean Jarvis Cocker);
'Ask me and I'll tell you. Knock and I'll open up to you'

From now on, I will be known as Ms Under Stood- because I totally am.

To those who may be offended by my words I am sorry BUT if you want to know what I mean-ask me.
If you could hear my voice now, it is gentle and concise, not shouty and angry.

To those who think I have some sort of agenda, I don't. Perhaps you feel that by blogging this,
the lady doth protest too much. I'm not protesting, I'm blogging. Which is something I haven't done in a long time.

To those who feel I have wronged them, come forward and tell me so I have a right of reply and the chance to apologise. As far as I was aware, the Salem witch trials ended a long time ago. Please advise if they have started again so I can re apply my lippy before I'm burnt at the stake.

Freedom is blogging. Freedom is the right to say you hate me and my blog, go to your settings and deleting me.

I don't hate anyone and I am an open book. Be it embarrassing,drunken,all singing,all dancing- this is me for better or worse.

That's it.

Peace,love and sticky date pudding...x