Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Memo To The World

Just because I say it and I write it, it isn't always so.
To paraphase a quote by JC (and I don't mean Jarvis Cocker);
'Ask me and I'll tell you. Knock and I'll open up to you'

From now on, I will be known as Ms Under Stood- because I totally am.

To those who may be offended by my words I am sorry BUT if you want to know what I mean-ask me.
If you could hear my voice now, it is gentle and concise, not shouty and angry.

To those who think I have some sort of agenda, I don't. Perhaps you feel that by blogging this,
the lady doth protest too much. I'm not protesting, I'm blogging. Which is something I haven't done in a long time.

To those who feel I have wronged them, come forward and tell me so I have a right of reply and the chance to apologise. As far as I was aware, the Salem witch trials ended a long time ago. Please advise if they have started again so I can re apply my lippy before I'm burnt at the stake.

Freedom is blogging. Freedom is the right to say you hate me and my blog, go to your settings and deleting me.

I don't hate anyone and I am an open book. Be it embarrassing,drunken,all singing,all dancing- this is me for better or worse.

That's it.

Peace,love and sticky date pudding...x


Anonymous said...

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Margarita Milonguita said...

Hmmm I'm not a tango teacher and I'm in tango hiatus, trying to understand if the dance has any meaning for me anymore and what part it will play in my life in the future... but thanks for stopping by.

dam buster said...

Hey Mags,

Glad to have you back!

Margarita Milonguita said...

Thanks DB- not sure how often I'll be doing this but I'll give it a red hot go.
Nothing like someone sending you a not so nice email to get you fired up to write!

dam buster said...

not nice email?? bastards

Margarita Milonguita said...

Well I wouldn't go as far as to call this person a bastard. We all have the right to an opinion and making a judgement call. I just wish said person could have said it to me over the phone or to me personally. I'm over it. We'll call it a difference of opinion and move on. I have no room for hate or bad feelings in my life.
This blog represents how I felt. The moment has passed.Time to put it behind me and have a beer.

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