Tuesday, November 23, 2004

If you're going to tango... A User's Guide

I've been doing tango for a good two and a half years now and like any group of people or club, there are unwritten rules and ettiquette. Maybe I'm being a right picky cow, but when I'm dancing VERY close to someone, I expect a high level of hygeine from both myself and my partners. I am going to put myself out on a limb and give you some tippage on Keeping Yourself Nice. 1. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T WHIFF In tango, nothing is worse than Personal Odor of ANY description. Poo breath, stinky pits,sweaty arse crack pong,alcohol and ciggies are all a big no no. We live in the modern age where we can get rid of or mask any smell. So,brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, suck on extra strong peppermints even if you hate them. Shower before you leave for class or a milonga. Scrub your body- especially the pits,crotch and bum crack. Dry off well, use a good deodorant and a bit of talc if you tend to get sweaty in certain areas (EG Boob Sweat, clammy inner thighs). Clean,fresh smelling clothes are another plus. If you like buying your clothes from the op shop, that is fine with me, however, it's a good idea that you either air them out and/or wash them before wearing. Op Shops may have some funky, cheap clothes but they pong a lot. That musty smell is not attractive to one's olfactory senses. 2. DON'T THINK YOU'RE PATRICK SWAYZE AFTER 5 LESSONS Unless you are qualified to teach the tango, shut your mouth. There's nothing worse than someone telling you you're doing it wrong when they've never really danced before. Dancing is a very personal thing and saying the wrong thing could cause someone to never come back again, thus robbing that person the chance to learn a beautiful dance and the studio of business. Loose lips sink ships. Cierre su boca. 3. THOU SHALT WEAR THE RIGHT SHOES Sneakers,Doc Martens,thongs,rubber soled shoes, pointy toed or chunky heeled shoes - are not appropriate for dancing the tango. They make you look and feel good too. A good pair (or several) are worth their weight in gold. Don't waste time or money buying street shoes that look like tango shoes. Buy them only from Buenos Aires-whether you go there yourself (recommended),you give a friend going to BA some money for shoes or you buy them online. Buy a comfy pair for classes and a flashy pair for milongas. I have spoken. >

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