Monday, November 15, 2004

Embarrassing Rock Stars that should have had their heads blown off- Part One

Gary "Child Porn" Glitter Posted by Hello As I clearly documented the other day in my blog about Micky Molloy, I was explaining that at age 10 & 11, I was totally mad for Gary Glitter. You might find this odd and pukey, but take into account that the year was 1973 and Glam Rock was IT. Everyone we loved those days was decked out in Glitter and Glam, Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust/ Aladdin Sane period, Marc "watch out for that treeeeeeee" Bolan and T-Rex, Suzi Quatro and of course, Gazza. My best friend and neighbour,Sarah Chalke,her sister Maria and my sister, Vivian and myself would gather in the Chalke's garage with the portable turntable and whack on the GG tunes and dance the very fashionable (although some of my much younger friends thought this to be an urban myth) Sharpie dance. Margarita Milongita is still known to break out in said dance at times much to the amusement of my friends and the embarrassment to my sister's three sons when she and I put on some Glam and bust some Sharpie moves in her kitchen. Gary started life as Paul Gadd and through several reincarnations became Gary Glitter. He should have called himself Barry Boomerang after how many comeback shows and tours? Seems he'd say good bye out one door and lo and behold! - he's back through the other.. I guess viewing all those porns sites costs a pretty penny so he's gotta shift that fat, arthretic arse of his and make a few quid from those who are musically fixed in the '70's. I remember seeing his first farewell show and the last song he did was 'Remember me this way' which I'm glad he did because it totally put me off. He was old,wrinkly,fat and embarrassing. He should have done an Elvis back in the seventies when his career did what Elvis did- died on the toilet. Granted, GG left us with some good tunes but when the parties over, it's time to say good night and leave- for good. Watching him on telly being extradicted from Cambodia on child sex abuse charges just leaves the legacy of him being a sad, disgusting human being- not the Glam Rock super star that we should remember him as. I'm sure as he was being led off in handcuffs, he wasn't humming 'Remember Me This Way...."

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