Monday, November 15, 2004

About Myself

Milongita -Self Portrait Posted by Hello
Call me narcassistic,a meglo manic or just plain bored... I've been playing around with this 'add the picture to your blog' thingie and still haven't really figured out how the bloody thing works. So, anyway, this is me and to boot, it's a self portrait. David bought a digital camera so I was having a play with it.. (yes I'd had a few G and T's when said pic was taken). Dianne downloaded them onto her PC and emailed it to me entitled 'Hot Tango Babe' and who was I to argue? Not the best pic of me but definatly not the worst. The hair looks good and the lippy's on straight at least. And I don't look pissed which is another bonus! So those who trip across my little bloggage here, this is what me, the old tart who has recently entered her 41st year of life looks like.... Thank God for Polyfilla.

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Gianni said...

beeeeautiful !!!! we all love ya