Saturday, November 13, 2004

Is Mick Molloy my soul mate?

I finally got around to watching 'Crackerjack' after discovering my new found love of lawn bowls at my new happy place, the Richmond Union Bowls Club. It is a rippa of a film by the way so I command you to watch it if you haven't already. "SWEAR JAR JACK"!! It got me thinking that maybe Mick Molloy is the love of my life but just doesn't know it yet. All these so called 'metrosexuals' and images of the modern man which are paraded by my good self via magazines,television and films (although Colin Firth has got my heart a'beating since I first saw him in the wonderful 1984 film 'Another Country') and here Mr Mick Molloy has been since he first graced our screens in The D Generation. Granted, Mick was actually 'in shape' back in the day and didn't carry the pig fighting under a doona that he does these days and even back then, I thought he was quite the spunk (for non Australian's this means attractive looking- I'm not referring to him as sperm or a dried up cabbage). Mick's been going through an Elvis phase for most of his career but he has proved that you don't have to look like a Versace model to have a successful career in film and television - in his case,all that is needed is wit to burn and balls the size of Texas. As you get older, your tastes and ideals change. When I was 10, I loved Gary Glitter. And, in light of recent revelations about the Glitter Man, I think he would have loved me then too. Then it was Red & Shirley from Skyhooks, Daryl & Garth from Sherbet and Woody from the Bay City Rollers. After Woody, it was Peter Frampton (I still have my battered copy of Frampton Comes Alive). I had a brief love of Leif Garrett in year 9 during the summer where all blonde surfies were it and a bit and then it was Paul Stanley and KISS all the way. Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran was okay for a while and then I have since proceeded to have chronically bad relationships with the biggest losers I could find. Looking at Mick on the small screen with his beer gut and more chins than Chinatown, something within me moved. Here is a man who has 4 things I truly love and seek in a significant other. He has a fantastic sense of humour, is totally comfortable with himself, couldn't give a Brad Pitt what anyone thinks of him, likes a beer or 20 and barracks for Richmond. All these are big plus' in the Book of Margarita Milongita. I've heard that he frequents the London Tavern in Lennox St but I've been there and haven't seen him. I even had my birthday there in hope he'd turn up for a trough or 2 but no show. Maybe he'll be there with ol' Bill Hunter at the RUBC and we can have a roll together.. Mind you, my one and only go at bowls, I was completely shithouse but I love it so Mick, if you read this by some small miracle, I need a few pointers... Maybe you can teach me your flipper? I'll wear my best undies just in case....

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