Sunday, October 31, 2004

Down Hearted

I never thought I'd be doing 2 things- 1, naming a blog after an Australian Crawl song and 2, agreeing with something Adolf Hitler once said... something to the effect of never write down what can be expressed verbally... can't remember exactly how this was quoted. I have decided the internet is an evil device as it has taught us to be unemotional and not connect with our loved ones the way we should - verbally and in person... we use this technological advancement to hurt our loved ones and not truly express how we feel so that the receiver can hear and feel your words and see your expression. Words on a screen do not have the benefit of tone, so a normal sentence said matter of factly can be taken as a cold remark. This is my last blog. I'm never going to send another email again. It is wrong to do so unless it's for business purposes or if someone is on the other side of the world. In future, I will express my love,happiness,pain,rage and anger in person. I'm not even going to do it on the phone. The internet has blown up a great relationship where both of us are at fault. I just hope we can swallow our pride and be grown up enough to meet somewhere and discuss things in person, openly and rationally. I am never going to be misunderstood again. People from this day forward will know if I like,love or hate them because I'm going to tell them. There will be no written words except those that will be written on the parchment of their memory. Buenos Dias,Tardes and Noches.... Adios... Sayonara Bye Bye (thank you to Cheap Trick for the last 3 lyrics)...

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