Saturday, October 16, 2004

Assassination- Ballroom

What's with the sudden fixation of ballroom dancing? It began with 'Strictly Dancing' on the ABC, now we have 'Dancing With the Stars'... and by the way, WHAT STARS??? Dancing with the Hacks would be more appropriate. This form of music is DEATH and sabotage to us elitist who study Argentine tango. The so called tango they do in ballroom is the difference between Chanel No 5 and a bottle of donkey piss with a daisy stuffed in it for floral notes. I actually watched That's Dancing last night and it took all my strengh not to put my foot through the telly when one couple were to do something called Nuevo Tango - WRONG!!!! I have nothing against modern dance and yes, every type of dance has it's place. I just can't deal with the wishy washy-ness of ballroom. It's like a bunch of crusty white people saw Latin dancing and thought it was good but extracted every bit of passion out of it and made it cold and boring. Anyway, now I've got my ya ya's out, I'm off to whack on my Astor Piazolla CD, strap on my ARGENTINEAN tango shoes and whiz around my flat to the passion of Libertango.

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Lee Lee said...

You forgot to add that appalling looking film with Richard Gere, J-Lo and Susan Sarrandon that’s about to come out which is about Ballroom dancing.