Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Why the people of this country make me want to move to a small farming community in Wales

If you're an Australian reading this, you'll then know that we as a 'democracy' had a chance to exercise that 'right' and do something good by voting out that little weasel John Howard. But no, we had to show how ridiculous a large number of this populous are by being sucked in by scare tactics like interest rates (which are regulated by the Reserve Bank, not the government), terrorism and telling our aging population (of which my mother is one and she doesn't believe the Libs for a second) that he is going to make it all fair and right for them. So much for the extra $10 bucks a week in the pension, my mum's already had $20 taken off her for an 'irregularity' in the system. Telstra's up for sale again and God knows what's next. I've had 6 years of this madness and now we had to endure another 3 unless some miracle occurs... let's pray for a scandal of the Profumo/Keeler type in the 60's... image little Johnny being caught in a hotel room, high on cocaine with his boggies around his ankles banging one of Canberra's finest.... who's he gonna blame then?


Lee Lee said...

Lovely start to the world of blogging, Margarita. I’ll stay tuned for next instalment.

Gianni said...

yes yes ... not forgetting David Marr's (ABC TV) Dark Victory, an account of the 2001 Australian election in the wake of the MV Tampa incident where he investigates Howard's and Ruddock's total disregard for the truth and human life re these victims .... and a population who believed him