Thursday, November 05, 2009

Yes Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heart Broken

Lloyd Cole tonight- finally!
He's playing at the Thornbury Theatre which I've heard is lovely. It's also giving me the opportunity to catch up with my friend,Tanya whom I literally haven't seen in ages. We have much to catch up on as well.
Checked Lloyd's weblog and he's posted his setlist for this evening-bless. No support act-complete Lloyd. All killer and no filler.
Here's his setlist for this evening's aural sex;
2.Tower of Song
4.If I were a song
5. Pay for it
6. My Other life
7. Don't Look Back
8. Woman at a Bar
10 Late Night Early Town
11. Morning is Broken
12.Old Enough to Know Better
13. That Boy
14. Why I love Country Music
15. No Blue Skies
16.Are Your Ready to Be Heartbroken
17.Like Lovers Do
18. What's Wrong with this Picture
19. Cut Me Down
20. Broken Record
21.Trigger Happy
22. Music in a Foreign Language
23. Chinese Translation
24.Brand New Friend
25. No More Love Songs
26. Please Don't Tell me How he Story Ends
27.Lost Weekend
28. The Young Idealists
29. Perfect Skin
30. Unhappy Song
31. 2CV *
32. Undressed
Bring it on.
* This song title has been a mystery to me for 25 years. A 2cv is a model of Citroen and is short for 'deux chevaux vapeur' which is French for 'two steam horses'.
I only found this out today! Forgive my lack of car knowledge.

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