Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Buenos Aires Crud

It's official- I have a cold and starting to feel like crap. Nearly everyone I know who comes home from a stint in Buenos Aires does so with a cold and I am no exception. I thought it would hit me once I landed in Melbourne but it's got me now. With all the running around I'm doing plus inhaling the 'Malos Aires' (bad airs), the BA crud has knocked me for six. I ended up going to a milonga last night called 'La Milonguita'!! How's that? The Milonguita went to La Milonguita and had a sensational time. I arrived there after everyone else and was pleasantly surprised to see Hugo Daniel and his lovely novia, Antoinella there. I was able to have 2 dances and spend Sabrina,Ralph,Daniel and Erica's last night in BA with them. Such a nice milonga- great atmosphere and delightful people. Even the waitress was friendly and gave us hugs and kisses on our departure. I had my private class with Aurora and it was amazing. She was impressed with my progress and I told her I tried to implement what she taught the group last Tuesday when I went dancing. Aurora also designs and sells her own line of tango shoes so I bought a pair off her! I know, I know. That's it- six and out! After her class, I walked down to Gallerias Pacifico for Hugo's class and again, amazing. Hugo and Aurora used to be partners and broke up but their style of teaching is the same. Simple and effective. Both know how to teach and work with people. I have a confidence in my tango that I've never experienced before. It helps that there is so much tango here and you're able to put into practice what you've learned every single day. So, back at the ranch. I'm going to have a shower and a kip. I really need to rest if I'm gonna make it home in one piece plus have the energy to do a couple more milongas. Once I get back to Melbourne, I'll be giving tango a rest so I won't be disappointed so quickly when I'll have deal with the push/pull/race me around the floor style dancing that Australian men think is tango. I can live without that for ooh-let me -see...FOREVER!

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tangocherie said...

Ooh, I'm sorry about the BA Crud! You are correct that almost everyone gets it here, and wise to lay low for a while to get rid of it.

It was super meeting you on Saturday; thanks so much for joining us at Los Cons!
Buen viaje! Come back soon!