Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Tale Of Two Markets

I hate fucking hippies. Let me reiterate that... I HATE fucking hippies! Let me rephrase this: I hate middle class people who think they have a conscience about things that matter, don a pair of Thai fishermans pants, those shitty plastic clog things and a Nepalese beanie and start working in some sustainable farming industry thinking they are making the world a better place. Honey, you aren't and I'll tell you why. This morning, my friend and I got up early (reminder- it's a Saturday so this is a sacred thing) to go to an organic community project they have called Ceres. We have been told good things about it so we were excited about going to check it out and buy our organic produce here. From the time we got there, there were signs saying 'don't do this or don't do that'. We had to leave the dog in a certain area as it is not dog friendly, leaving poor little Dottie to whelp from seperation anxiety. The produce was really expensive so I only picked out a few items. The queue to pay for them was quite lengthy so I decided to go to their little organic shop as I need to get some popcorn seeds and some quinoa. Once I had them, I went back out and the queue was gone. I walked up to the table waiting to be served, only to have the 4 gonks behind it stare at me. It was only when the lady behind me said 'are you being served' and replied 'no' that something happen. The hippy bitch who served me was rude and grumpy, banging my vegies on the table after weighing and ringing them up and only spoke to me to tell me the price. My friend joined me a few moments later as she had to buy some mushrooms. Again, we were left standing there. Hippy bitch motioned to my friend to be served, only to ignore us once we got to the table. Apparantly, there was some rule about where and how you had to queue and we didn't get it right so instead of telling us how it is, they ignored us and gave us greasy looks. My friend dropped the bag of mushies on the table and said 'fuck this- let's go!'. I wish I had piffed mine at her head and demanded my money back. Christ on a bike- we were fuming when we left there. I am never going to that fucking place again and rest assured, I am getting on the phone this Monday to let them know how 'organic' I think they are. We went back to my friend's to drop the dog off and then drove down to the Convent Gallery where they were having their monthly farmers market. Talk about taking a 180 degree turn in atmosphere and service- everyone was so nice and the produce was much cheaper. It was heaven after hippy hell. No tea cosy hats, dreadlocks or Birkenstocks and very dog friendly. We could have brought Dottie along if we wanted to. I had the yummiest chorizo sausage in a roll with barbequed baby leeks and a parsley and garlic sauce- heaven in bread. I'm so glad we went there otherwise I'd still be in the crappiest mood. After sitting down for a latte and a custard tart (my wheat consumption has been through the roof this week and my homeopath is NOT going to be pleased at all), I was one happy lady. I'm looking forward to my roast dinner tonight with all the winter veg I just bought and hope that hippy bitch chokes on her tofu.

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Quick said...

That's some bad karma coming your way. You need to drink some chai and, like, chill out, man.

(I laughed at you wishing death on the hippie bitch).