Monday, April 16, 2007

Beginnings and Endings

What a difference a week makes. A week ago I posted how I was pulling arrows out of my chest. A week on, I feel completely fine about the whole stupid scenario. I realise now that I've slowly been getting over the whole thing but felt I should give it one last crack. Oh well, boo fucking hoo hey? My housemate has moved back to Perth to begin his new life working on a mine site somewhere in the boonies of WA. I'm currently enjoying the solitude of the house listening to the Ramones and leaving the house in an unholy wreck. Bliss. I've begun my search for the new housemate and it's been a little bit tricky. I picked someone and she's already renegged on me! It turns out that a girlfriend has broken up with her bloke and is looking for someone to share with which is the same scenario this girl is in so probably best they console one another. I only wanted her for her moggies anyway. I had psycho Indian guy stalking me for the room and I happily gave him the news that he will not be moving in. No fucking way mate. I've just spent the last 2 years minding my p's and q's and I don't wish to continue doing so. The guy I interviewed tonight seems to be the likely candidate. We clicked pretty well and appreciated my honesty in everything. He is 33 and quite frankly, a bit yummy! Maybe one of my other single dames could couple with him. Very knackered after a weekend of fan fucking tastic tango workshops. I loved the technique they teach- the milonguero style is the most perfect to me of all the dances within the tango. Signorita Margarita Milonguita learned some very slick and stylish moves. Can't wait to get out on the floor and practice them! Speaking of hitting the floor, our final song for the night last Friday was the 'Hawaii Five-O' theme. David and I starting doing this wild improv sixties type dance. MM thought she'd be slick and do fantastic run up with knee slide across the floor. Wood and nylon don't make a good combo which resulted in this wahine burning her patellas. Not stopping there, MM continued her wild improv dance and was doing well- I even had audience participation. I was going along a treat except for the fact that the heel caps on my tango shoes need replacing and slipped and hit the deck with a THUD. Being the seasoned professional mong that I am, I continued on and people thought I had meant that move. How cool is that? 3 days, 2 scabby knees and 1 sore arse later, I leave you with this tale of high energy dancing and dignity lost. Oh the humanity.

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Quick said...

If I was Oprah Winfrey I'd say, "You go girl!"