Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gone With The Whinge

I've worked with people in a servicing role for most of my working life and there's one thing I've discovered... Fuck Australians complain... a lot. I was just at the post office and as I looked in, I realised that there was a queue. No bother- I had things to post so I decided to join the line. I was there not more than 5 seconds when the guy in front of me started.. "Farkin' jeezus- UNBELIEVABLE! Look at all these people! Ya fink they'd get more people!" I looked to his hands to see the purpose of his visit and bit my tongue. He was paying a couple of bills. I was ready to have a verbal spate with this individual if he turned around to include me in his extremely annoying tirade against the post office. I am extremely confidant that this would have been an argument that the Milongita would have won-hands down-had said wanker asked my opinion on anything. Chances are he didn't because being the phillistine he was, he probably regarded me as persona non grata due to being female (and what the fuck do we know?).
Are we that unhappy and dissatisfied as a race that we have to complain about every skeric of life? Capitalist scumbags are revelling in this and charging you 50 cents a pop for your whinge in the form of an opinion. The Herald Scum throws up innane topics and people fill pages with their whiney comments. Whatever happened to a thought process? What happened to thinking about everything instead of reacting like a pack of right wing twats?
I eventually got my turn (I was buying stamps which took all of a few seconds) and I passed Sir Whingealot. He was giving the poor woman who had to serve that turd burger an earful of how he had to wait soooo long,there isn't enough staff and he is completely disadvantaged because the fucking world revolves around him. She tried to defend her postion (as you do) and his response was the one I've heard a million times over: "Oh I know it's not your fault but...."
Here is my point about this blog. WE have choices-unlike many nations in this world-and we need to excercise them. If you go to the post office and it's busy you have 2 choices: You decide it's too busy to wait and leave or you decide to queue up. If you decide to queue, do us a favour and shut the fuck up. In this modern technological age, we have various ways of paying all sorts of bills. I've been using phone and internet banking for years and I love it. I bet Sir Whingealot baulks at the thought of using internet banking but has no problems putting his credit card details out there in order to use a vast number of porn sites. If you are going to complain, don't do so to the poor person just trying to do their job. Do your research. Australia Post was privatised several years ago and they do not treat their staff well. Retail outlets are grossly understaffed because the powers that be want it that way as it's cost effective for them. (you get screwed, they bulk up their portfolio). Ring their call centre and ask if they have a complaints department. All large companies have them. I can't see Aust Post bending on the staffing issue (see bank branches) so here's what the Milongita suggests you do.
  • Buy your stamps in bulk if you use a lot of them
  • Ring your bank and get set up for internet banking
  • Don't go during peak times-you can guarantee that it will be busy between 12-2 as it's when most people get their lunch
  • Check if the post office in your area opens on a Saturday as some do.

All I'm saying is, we all need to look at the big picture. We all need to reprioritise if we haven't done so already. Think of people such as David Hicks who hasn't been to the post office in 5 years due to being stuck in a political black hole. If that's something you want to protest, there's a national day of protest on Saturday, December 9. Go to www.civilrightsdefence.org for more details.

And I'm not whinging....

Sometimes, you've just got to get your ya ya's out....

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