Friday, September 29, 2006

Word Of The Month

I was perusing someone's My Space comments and came across this gem. For so long I've been trying to come up with a term or word to describe that time in a woman's cycle ... Whore-monal - that time of the month when you're randy-as-fuck, filthy angry, and your mascara threatens to run dirty little rivers down your face, all at the same time.. She also forgot to mention wanting fistfuls of chocolate... Perfecto. P.S... I think I'm whore monal this week... although I haven't craved chocolate or been filthy angry...


lighterate said...

whore moan-al?

they don't talk about it Poland, the women. Maybe it is post-socialist hangover thing.

lighterate said...

I can't remember how I found your blog. I think that I was logging onto blogger and it came up randomly on the side bar as a blog that had just been updated, and the name "Tango and Madness" sounded like some perverse Sylvester Stallone movie from the mid-80's. I had no idea you were from my home town until I logged onto your site (I'm an old Melbournian who somehow ended up in Poland.)

Actually, the dregs of Friday night are starting to reorder themselves in my mind somewhat: I think I actually found your blog through your post on the celebrity home-porn thing. Not that I was looking for celebrity home porn, I was just looking for something to read. I'm not joking, in fact, I am trying to write something on the subject at the moment and wasn't your blog which mentioned how a home secx tape is almost de rigeur for celebrities these days? Heavy metal stars need to make at least two pornos it seems, and then they are probably the one's who 'leak' the video onto the internet, too. Moral: never shag a heavy metal musician when the camera is rolling (actually, I'd drop the last clause from that imperative, but that's just me).