Friday, September 08, 2006

Taking A Bullet For Germaine

Poor Germaine. She's been demonised in the last day or so for daring to have an opinion about Mr Crikey. As a crusaderof the women's movement and author of the ground breaking 'The Female Eunich', she shouldn't have to take so many slings and arrows. So here's something to start a diversion from Ms Greer.. Name suggestions for your child.. If it's a boy- Ray If it's a girl- Barb The witch hunt begins .....NOW!!!


Quick said...

I love that we call them "sting" rays. Steve got stung, is all.

Germaine's piece was fine. I think sometimes people just don't like facing the truth.

Do you reckon they'll be stocking Irwin Sunscreen at Australia Zoo?

Margarita Milongita said...

They should start stocking up on books so people don't end up as moronic as he was..

Only you have responded to this and it has been positive.. I guess the people who would have me hung and quartered for this remark can't read or write...