Thursday, September 07, 2006

Free Speech, Accountability and Altruism- R.I.P

"These are dangerous days... To say what you feel is to dig your own grave.." These immortal words were sung by Sinead O' Connor back in 1990. Fast forward sixteen years and never a truer word was spoken. Since when did it become a crime to speak your mind and have an opinion? When did this country become so politically fucking correct? Conservatism has become a poison that is slowly killing our ability to think. Whether you think Germaine Greer is credible or not, she should be able to make a comment about Steve Irwin without being hung and quartered for it. I'm not saying what happened to the King of Crikey isn't a tragedy but let's face it, what she said isn't far off the mark. No one would have fanned a fart if she'd said something about him whilst he still had a pulse. What totally shits me is how we're made to feel like we need to apologise for everything. Like the Big Brother thing this year. Especially in regards to the Uncut show. All these parents shaking their finger at Channel 10 and getting on their moral high horse... ("what about my children? They shouldn't have to be subjected to this filth!!). Hey Mr and Mrs I Got My Panties In A Wad, I'm going to throw a few concepts your way and see what you think.
  1. Freedom Of Choice. You have a thing that comes with your television called a remote control which has a few functions. One of them allows you to change the channel and another can switch it off all together. You should be asking yourself why your kids aren't in bed on a school night when it's 9.45pm.
  2. Accountability. If you're worried about your kids and what they are reading,watching or listening to, perhaps you should question your parenting skills and what you're allowing your children to bring into the house. Why don't you,oh I don't know, consider sitting down with your off spring and having a rational discussion with them?
  3. Getting A Fucking Life. If you are worrying about unrealistic shite like Big Brother and the no personality show ponies they have as housemates, you've got some serious fucking questions you should be asking yourselves.

Here's another thought for you... instead of getting irate about lesbo femmo pinko commos making quips about Our Stevo or your kids viewing what they've probably being doing for quite a while (get with the program- if you grew up in the 70's, you were getting fingered behind the shelter sheds at the age of 13), why don't you direct your horny young sprogs to causes like Amnesty International, Oxfam or a local environmental project? Or see what you can do in your community for the disadvantaged? Then you might be too busy thinking of others and perhaps feeling good for doing something for your fellow man instead of boring us all to death with boring cliches of everyday sensationalised bullshit...

Peace,love and tree hugging hippies xxxx

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