Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In Search Of A Good Retro Hairdresser

At Tiki the other Saturday, a few of us were talking about hairdressers and how no-one knows how to cut our hair the way WE want it. Miss Mandy says she hasn't entered a salon in 5 years and Joey Backstreet proclaimed that it had been 15 years since she entered one. Here in lies the problem if you don't understand where I'm coming from. You go in wanting your hair to look like this: The lovely Miss Lola Cherry Cola from Man's Ruin Burlesque... And you come out with your hair looking like this: Now, Jenn has got a decent head of hair-this is not the point we are making. The point of is: SOME OF US DO NOT WISH TO BECOME STEPFORD-ISED! The problem with hairdressing these days is they are trained in 'trends'- what's in this very minute and we are going to make everyone look the bloody same! Hairdressers who come across this page (and I doubt you will because you're too busy putting layers into girls' hair and giving guys that faux mohican look- damn you David fucking Beckham), extend your range and your talents by seeking women and men who hair dressed and/or barbered in the fifties and sixties. Little do you know, there is a demand for this type of coiffing!! One of the girls who was part of this conversation has done something about it and is currently studying hairdressing so she can give retro hairstyles for the people out there who are crying out for it! I had to coach the teenager who cut my hair last time on how to cut my fringe! So I now have a hairstyle that is a mix of the above 2... I guess it will be a work in progress but I am dreading my next visit and wondering what the fuck I will leave with.... And if you have any complaints about the gratuitous boob and bottom showing- tell someone who gives a fuck. I don't.


Quick said...

Christ. I am going through such a don't-give-a-shit-about-my-hair phase at the moment that it's pathetic. I'm a stoilish bastard, goddamnit.

Also, did you happen to see Phyllis in The Aristocrats, that doco about that joke? Bloody funny.

Margarita Milongita said...

I loved The Aristocrats.. pure genius. The joke itself isn't funny but it's the theatre behind it and how grotesque you can be in its delivery. Very clever.

I hope you don't think I'm a superficial moll for this particular blog. If it comforts you any, I usually resemble Ms Diller most of the time. BTW.. did you notice my email is

Quick said...

Yeah the joke itself is nothing. It's what it's become and the extremes it's been taken to that make it such a good film. I actually got suspicious and started thinking it was all a joke. Like, there never really has been a comedian's joke called The Aristocrats and this was the latest mockumentary a la Spinal Tap or Waiting For Guffman or The Mighty Wind. It was produced by that guy from Pen & Teller, so it seemed plausible.

I did notice your email address. It amused me.

smurfy said...


Im a hairdresser in south wales,GB,and you are completely right,the retro styles have been lost in todays 2 tone colours and crap,boring hairstyles! I am having a laugh tho,because what them sad single minded hairdressers have forgotten tho, is that styles from the past ALWAYS come back around!
At my salon, I do all hair from your shampoos and set -a classic retro look thats always handy to use to get perfect vintage waves,to your flat top punk mohawks, and everything in between,including that f***ing POB!!!

Adriana F said...

There is a great retro hairdresser in Sydney called 'Stylus' nr Newtown, who specialises in retro/rockabilly and rock hair styles. Worth the trip! They're on Myspace if you need to look them up.

Geet Bal said...

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