Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fin De La Semana

How I adore Saturday mornings such as these where I get out of bed at 10.30 to sit around in my jarmies and sip coffee. Bliss. I have had a fuck of a week. I really really really HATE my job. If my manager Brendan slipped off the face of the earth, never to return, I would party likes it's 1969. What a fucking, useless twat he is. Not to mention the ego maniac boys' club that give you errors on your work just because they can. I hate corporations and they way they operate. They are always breeding grounds of evil. Okay, rant over. I will now focus on the positives of this week.
  • James Patrick Dwyer is now part of our lives. Gayle is well and happy after feeling pretty ill throughout her pregnancy.
  • Got an email from Channel Seven and Nikki & I have been invited to audition for -wait for it- Deal Or No Deal! BOO-YEAH !!! We've made a pact that we will split the five bucks either of us win if we get on.
  • Got a call from my agency to say they are putting me forward for an interview that pays more. I am crossing my fingers on this one. And I'm not going to talk about it. The last job I went for, I told everyone that it was in the bag and I was moving on, only to be told it was not to be. As Ernest Hemingway once said "If you talk about it, you lose it".
  • Got to go out with some good friends to a great pub last night. Had a fabulous meal,shared a few jugs of beer and danced to some thumping tunes. Got home around 12.30 and passed out in front of the telly.
  • Tiki Bar tonight and looking forward to a Mai Tai with our lovely regulars.

And it's the weekend. How I love it. It's also a beautiful day. I'm going to open all the windows and doors to let the fresh air and sunshine in.

Looking forward to the coming week. It's my birthday on Wednesday. I've got the day off to have lunch with my family,then to go shopping for a new dress. I've got tango in the evening and no doubt will be spoilt by Di and Dave (when DON'T they spoil me?) and then Saturday is my birthday soiree at the Tiki Bar. Dave and Di are performing one of my favourite cabaret numbers that they do and then my Argentinean friend, Eddie and I are doing a milonga together which will be loads of fun. Admittedly, having my birthday there is a bit of a revenue raising excercise but I know everyone will love the bar. I love Di and David and I really want to see their dream succeed. They really deserve it.

Off to enjoy my weekend. Besos para todos.


Quick said...
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Quick said...

Deleted comment was me. Embarrassing typo.

There are far too many Brendans in the world. Bliss is not having Brendans to deal with. Something ought to be done about the world-wide Brendan surplus.

Like that you spent most of this post on positive stuff though. Sounds like you have a very cool week to look forward to.

Margarita Milongita said...

Thank you Lee. I could write a very lengthy blog on Brendan but he doesn't deserve the attention- even if I am calling him a useless c*nt.

There are too many good things to focus on - even if most of them come to naught. Like the lyrics from that old song "Happy Talk".."you've got to have a dream or how're you gonna make a dream come true?"

Quick said...

Spot on with the dream thing. Silly to expect good things, but it's good to hope for them.