Saturday, October 22, 2005

I love....

  • Moments alone just being myself
  • Films that make me feel emotional
  • Cafe lattes in the morning
  • Hot baths
  • My jarmies and my bed
  • Sharing beautiful food with people
  • A glass or five of divine "vino tinto"
  • Winning trivia
  • John Coltrane
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Thelonius Sphere Monk
  • Dancing with abandon
  • Walking through Fitzroy Gardens in the mornings during summer and seeing the childen in total bliss in the Fairy Park
  • People who have died for truth
  • Osvaldo Pugliese's tango "Recuerdo"
  • A spirited milonga with a fun person
  • My brother Michael's amazing calm,view of life and unique personality
  • My sister Vivian's strength and endurance
  • Oliver Joseph Dwyer
  • Ella Patricia Barker
  • Grace Barker
  • My friends whom are my chosen family
  • My family despite our differences
  • Sarah Jane Chalke Lowe- who despite everything has truly been my soul mate
  • The word 'Esperanza' which means 'hope' in Spanish
  • Tango - yesterday,today and forever

1 comment:

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