Thursday, October 06, 2005


I've been listening to a lot of jazz lately. It's not that I've just discovered it or anything like that - I just can't get enough of it at the moment. My nearest and dearest bought me the Ken Burns Jazz documentary for my birthday and I watch it nearly every day. I know it makes me sound like a 5 year old with a Wiggles addiction but I can't explain it. I think I have discovered a substitute for sex - it's Wynton Marsalis' voice. Ooh mama, he makes me moist. I keep watching the part of the documentary where he discusses Thelonius Monk (hence the title of this particular blog)and plays a bit of 'Epistropy' on his horn. The little 'mmm's'between the gaps in the bridge give me the horn.. his voice is like smooth velvet cream. He's not the most visually sexy man to look at,(see picture) but that voice and the way he plays his music is worth much more. His brother, Branford, is a jazz saxophonist and he is good to look at. His voice isn't as sexual as Wynton's but he can play sax like sex. I also love what Wynton says about Miles Davis'style of playing the trumpet, how it appeals to the vunerable and solitary person inside of us all, but at the same time he swings and when that happens, it's a cocktail that is irresistible. I just thought of something I would really love - a recording Wynton Marsalis reading Anais Nin's 'Delta of Venus' - can you dig it? I am totally loving John Coltrane. What a beautiful genius that man was. I was nearly a year old when he made 'A Love Supreme' and I was nearly 4 when he died of cancer at the age of 40. Kind of makes you think of the term 'the good die young. He only recorded for 12 years and this is some of the most inspiring and amazing music I've ever heard. Coltrane's playing is as if he bore his soul for all to see. Listen to his tune 'Naima' and feel the emotion and passion in ever note and sound. I can hardly listen to it without getting tears in my eyes. There's a poster of 'Trane on my wall and I like to think he's watching over me whilst I sleep - his beautiful music the soundtrack to all my dreams......

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