Friday, October 07, 2005

Accident Waiting To Happen

Hi, Welcome to our new facist state. We have employed a top company from the US and have paid them millions of your hard earned dollars to come up with a new name for our country. It was no contest. We will shortly be known as Xenophobia. Our flag will be blood red and show an insignia of a Muslim being shot by a redneck cop in the back of the head whilst he is praying to Mecca. Aren't you glad we are protecting your freedom by interogating anyone who is a threat to our national security? What are those Muslim women hiding under those black clothes anyway? We have long suspected they are carrying Uzi's and soon we will confirm this. We know you join us will your support, you, our fellow Xenophobes, to stamp out terrorism which threatens the very fibre of this country every minute of the day. Remember, genocide, ethnic cleansing and other terms such as these are just other ways of expressing one thing- freedom. Smile, ASIO is watching. Yours, Big Brother


Linda Johnson said...

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Margarita Milongita said...

Fuck off and don't spam my blog you slag

Gianni Wise said...

Hey there powerful stuff margarita .. totally support your vitreol .... fascism is only a few laws away in this nut house of a country. wake up you jerks!

Oh to get rid off spam if you go into settings there is a way to add something to stop the crap.