Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tent Life

If only life could be like the Spiegeltent, it would be a happy one indeed. I've been there twice in the space of a fortnight and have had the best fun I've had in ages. The Swizzle Club, which begins at 11pm after all the acts have finished, is amazing. They have incredible DJ's who play an fabulous,ecletic mix of music and have cabaret,vaudevillian style acts in between. My first visit was to support Di and Dave as they performed 2 sets of tango but on the bill that night was a mime artist an a sexy girl who did a trapeze act wearing a 40's bathing suit,curly wig,dark glasses and flippers. She was carried out by 2 of the male wait staff which was a very nice touch indeed. Everyone danced their faces off to the music of Benny Goodman,Devo,Blondie and everything in between. I took a friend along the other night and she loved it. She's only 21 but hates the music of today and enjoys jazz and the sounds of the sixties so she felt right at home there. The entertainment for the evening was a guy who danced an Irish jig and stripped down to his white boggies and then gave himself a wedgie, a guy who hammered forks into his nasal passages and my favorite of all, this very sexy girl who wore a nude body suit with sparkly crystals covering the necessary parts who did a trapeze act. She was spectacular to watch and for 5 minutes I forgot I was a hetro woman as I fell in love with this beautiful, red haired goddess. The DJ for the evening was this very funky girl who looked like a young Leslee Sparke in a floor length,halter necked dress and no shoes. She danced and sang along to all her tunes and truly enjoyed what she did while she inspired the packed dance floor to shake it. Such an amazing place, full of vibrant people and Stella on tap. I also had a very drunk Deborah Mailman behind me dancing madly with her companions to the Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back' and exclaiming "Don't stop,give me more!" when it ended. 'Nuff said.....

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Gianni said...

Hey Maggie ... when I read this stuff I want to get on down to Melbourne town and throw on some insane gear and run around till I get carried to a waiting taxi. Love the blog Magsss. You have style and sass girl. Keep writing and working out ways for gaining my visability your blog. I check in again soon.