Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Embarrassing Rock Stars that should have had their heads blown off- Part Two

I once loved that buck toothed retard in the front when I was 12.  Posted by Hello
As I continue in my series, my next in line for the firing squad are none other than my loves when I was 12 years old, The Bay City Rollers. Now, back in their hey day when they had droves of screaming girls crying and swooning reminiscent of Beatlemania, they were youthful and cute. We loved the clothes and the spikey hair do's. We loved 'Bye Bye Baby, Shang A Lang and Saturday Night (if you haven't seen the film 'So I Married An Axe Murderer'yet, do so for the part where Mike Myers dressed as Scottish dad is highland flinging away to the Rollers' Saturday Night- a classic). We loved the mania. Sarah and I spent the whole summer of 1975 in our BCR t-shirts and lying next to the stereo listening to our records and singing along to the songs. We told stories where she was Eric's girlfriend and I was Woody's main chick. We tied tartan scarves to our wrists and even made Roller Strollers. (Thank you mum for the cricket pants and the metre of tartan- you're a living legend). When we fell under their spell, they had 2 albums out, Rollin' and Once Upon A Star. We eagerly awaited releases of new albums and singles. 'Wouldn't You Like It' and Dedication were bought for us for Christmas prezzies. Our mums were meanies and never let us go to their concert when they toured. We had to make do with staying glued to the telly and and following the tour via the news and Countdown. I remember being devastated when Woody collapsed from exhaustion in Sydney and ended up in hospital. We saw Alan Longmuir (the old one) quit and the cute Irish one, Ian Mitchell become his replacement. He lasted for about a year and a bit after doing the 'Dedication' album and a few tours, ended up cracking under the pressure and left. His replacement was a fresh faced Glaswegian named Pat McGlynn and by that stage, I think our love for the Rollers started to wane a bit. Their popularity was dying and the music wasn't cutting the mustard anymore. Teenagers have attention spans of goldfish and we needed to keep up with the trends. Loyalty is not in a young girls vocabulary. Eventually, we lost the scarves, the striped socks ( which I forgot to mention as part of the look- I had a drawerful of the buggers!) the albums,etc, we're all put into mothballs- so to speak. We thought they would break up and fade into pop history... Not so. It is 2004 and they are still going in some incarnation. I think Les McKeown is the only original member. This gay couple I know went to see them in Edinburgh for New Year's Eve about 3 years ago and said that they were all fat and shocking- and wearing kilts no less! Ewwwwwww. Pass the barf bucket.

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Gianni said...

but I love Jimmy Barnes ... he never has a bad hair day