Monday, March 15, 2010

I Miss.....

Tango. I miss it a lot. I've had a break from it because it was making me sick. I hate how some people take it so freakin' seriously to the point of becoming elitist.

I need to discover a way where it's special for me. Where it's a quiet fire within me. Without listening to the negativity and the grief of other. Without absorbing the politics. After being on that side of things for so long, I feel I can finally turn my back on the crap and walk in the light and beauty of tango.

Seeing how tango truly is whilst in Buenos Aires was a revelation. It was wonderful to understand and feel it's simple truth. Tango is a man and the rest of us are women- getting frustrated about why he doesn't do what we want. Always wondering what he's thinking and why he's oh so complicated. The reality is-men and tango are not so complicated and mystical. If we take a deep breath and ask them, they will tell us to relax and not take it so seriously.

We get caught in the cogs of ganchos,voleos,volcadas,colgadas,paradas etc and do our heads in counting and obsessing about steps. We need to close our eyes and remember this;

Listen to the music,embrace,lead and follow. Connection.  This is the eye contact and the perfect dialogue of the tango.

Everything else is just a shouting match.

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