Friday, February 05, 2010

You've Got To Fight The Powers That Be...

So said Chuck D in 1989 and never a truer sentence was said.

The so-called powers that be underestimated the music community by introducing their stupid laws which led to the closure of The Tote. We then heard that the Arthouse would be the next casuality. We all stood up and said 'this is fucked'.

 I want to go on TV and turn into Howard Beale and scream "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!" (google 'Network-1976 if you don't get this reference).

S.L.A.M has organised a rally to be held on February 23. Here's a copy of the email that is being sent around at the moment. Hope y'all can make it.


S.L.A.M. (Save Live Australia¹s Music) is calling on Victoria¹s music
community to raise your voice and protest the plight of our local music
The recent closure of The Tote and the announcement of The Arthouse¹s
intention to do the same is causing increasing alarm amongst Victoria¹s
music scene and wider music community. These closures, a result of the
destructive impact caused by Liquor Licensing Victoria¹s decision to treat
live music venues as high-risk, penalizing them with higher fees and greater
costs for required security, is now posing a huge threat to more of the
state¹s venues and in turn the livelihood of the local music community.
In a reaction to the lack of response from the government to amend these
regulations, S.L.A.M. (Save Live Australia¹s Music) have announced a Public
Rally to be held on Tuesday 23rd February commencing at 4pm in the City.
(proposed assembly point, the State Library ­ check the website for

S.L.A.M. is a collective of Victoria¹s broader musical community who have
joined forces to make their voice heard as local music becomes increasingly
under threat due to these ill-conceived Liquor Licensing Laws. S.L.A.M. are
calling on musicians and music lovers from all genres, creeds and
generations to unite to Protest to Save Live Australia¹s Music on the 34th
anniversary of AC/DC¹s iconic ŒLong Way To The Top¹ clip originally filmed
on Swanston Street.
Leading the procession will be the extraordinary RocKwiz Orchestra
performing on the back of a truck AC/DC-style with Lucky Luscombe, James
Black and Mark Ferrie and everyone¹s favourite host with the most, Brian
Nankervis plus the original troupe of bag pipe players. This will be filmed
by Paul Dane who shot the legendary clip back in 1976. This historic event
aims to make the Government to hear our cry to save live music from the
clutches of Victoria¹s draconian Liquor Licensing Laws. Our aim is to
de-link the high risk conditions and need for security on all liquor
licenses for venues that play live and amplified music and push for these to
be given fairer consideration. Live music venues are not high risk and we
have asked that Victorian community join in a peaceful protest to have their
voice heard!

So bring your band, your fans, your friends and family and join this protest
of a lifetime. To register your band or become a volunteer check out the
S.L.A.M. website:

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