Monday, February 01, 2010


How dare they make a Hollywood version of 'Edge Of Darkness'? And to throw salt in the wound,Mel Gibson in the starring role.  Nothing is sacred anymore.

For those of you that might wonder what I'm raving about (and yes, I am raving,screaming and flailing my arms around in a rage over this one), this-what I believe-heap of shit movie is based on one of the best fucking mini series I have ever seen. Produced by the BBC in 1985, it is well acted and good to the last drop. I have seen it several times over the years and it still gives me the same feeling it did when I first watched it.

Wikipedia has an excellent description of the show although there are a few spoilers. Read it here if you're interested. Better still, run to your local DVD store and rent it-you won't regret.

And for God's sake, don't go and see that piece of shit excuse of a 'remake'. Rest assured, I won't be.

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