Friday, September 25, 2009

Newport, New Beginnings?

"Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a looooong way from hoooommme"... That old negro spiritual seems to befit me of late. I've been living like a hobo since my return from Buenos Aires and it's really giving me the shits. I've just finished my week in the 'Burg and am supposedly moving to my new digs in Newport. Problem is, the person who is meant to be gone is not. He's taking his sweet ass time about finding a place of his own and it's driving me nuts. Sarah will be in Sydney this weekend and I'll stay there to look after her dog. I'm assuming he will still be there. Maybe I should just say "Hi, I'm Maggie. Now get the fuck out!" Wonder if that would work? Perhaps not. Some people dream of winning lotto and never working again. I dream of my own room, a bed and a cupboard to put my clothes in. As they say, the simple things in life are often the best. I'm sick of living out of frigging suitcases and various other bags- I want a wardrobe goddamn it! Okay, enough of the negative crap. I don't want to dwell in that neighbourhood. Caught up with Caroline, one of my tango friends last night which usually consists of us going for a pedicure. Tango and tango shoes do untold damage on the footsies so regular maintenance is necessary. Post pedicure, we took our thonged feet to a bar on Chapel St (classy as) where they served a rather nice house red for $3.00 a glass! After 2 glasses and a D and M, we trammed it down to Victoria St where we met my friends Contessa and Mr Ian for some rather tasty Vietnamese food. Caroline had to dash early to get her bus (we are kindred spirits at the moment- both of us are 40 somethings living at home with our mums due to inability to find decent housing) and I stayed and had a great catch up with Ian and Tess. They very nicely drove me back to Coburg and I flaked out on the couch due to much food and 4 glasses of wine! I think I'm becoming a lightweight in my old age... then again, 2 glasses of red on an empty stomach isn't a great idea! Looking forward to watching what I feel will be a great game for the Grand Final. I'm going for the Saints. I feel more of an affinity towards them than the Hand baggers but I feel the Cats will not rest on their Abletts this year. Also looking forward to frocking up and heading out to Messaround and Bama Lama- last time I went I was jetlagged to the max so I want to try and go all out this month! It's such a great night! Fantastic music and a room full of well dressed people-I love it!


dam buster said...

Good luck with the digs Mags.

I am going for the saints as well. My first football jumper as a kid is the saints as is the hometown team.

I am off to a mates house who has a rather large tv to watch it.

Have fun on the town

Margarita Milonguita said...

Thanks DB... Not sure where I'm watching it-probably just at my new place if no one's there. My days of getting to a pub and drinking myself stupid all day are over.

dam buster said...

I once won 50 free pots at Naughtons Hotel in Carlton at half time. I was very popular.

The weather on the day is going to be shocking anyway.

Margarita Milonguita said...

50 pots! I'm glad you shared them. In 1999,I paid $2 to draw out a name-Shannon Grant. Everytime he kicked a goal, you got a pot. He kicked six goals and got the Norm Smith medal. Along with all the other booze we consumed, I was pretty maggotted by the end of the day! I think we were all asleep by 6.30!