Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It's 3.30 am and I'm wide awake. Probably due to the fact that I've been sleeping through the day because of this goddamn cold I've got. I had a weird discussion with my housemate earlier. She was up in arms about the story in the news today regarding children (AS YOUNG AS SEVEN!) pole dancing. I was bemused by this because I felt it was a bit rich and ironical coming from someone who sells dildo's for a living. My retort was that I didn't give a fuck if kids want to swing on a pole-we did it as kids on the monkey bars and frankly it's not that different. Whilst the monks and other citizens of Burma are being executed for fighting for democracy, while we are being fucked over by our government, who gives a fat frogs clacker if kids want to swing on a pole. People need to shut up and think better. I guess they'd rather stuff McDonald's down their kids' gullets while they sit on their globulous arses getting juvenile diabetes. At least they won't be involved in that scandulous activity. My advice to these ignoramous Anna Coren arse sniffing losers- fuck off and die. I've run out of aloe vera tissues and the regular ones feel like sand paper so if I sound a tad cranky- that is why. Maybe I shouldn't have watched Pulp Fiction either. I feel like popping a cap in someone's arse...


quick said...

I gather the housemate who is selling dildos is a bit of an adult and knows what dildos are used for.

If there are kids as young as seven doing sexual shit with pole dancing... dude, it ain't right. Monkey bars wasn't pole dancing.

Are you really trying to justify the acceptance of the sexualisation of children because elsewhere in the world "real" injustices are being done?

Teresa said...

I'm sorry you can't read about me, I usually write about my depressions in italian, but I wanted to tell you that we are quite similar. Well, we both like tango and we are depressed with the same style so.... I like you. I add you to my blogroll.
PLeased to meet you