Sunday, March 04, 2007

She's Got A New Spell

Hey there punters.. I've had a severe case of writers block. Actually, I still do but I'm going to try and write something everyday to inspire me and get back into the rhythm of it again. In fact, this is my new attitude about things. Instead of waiting for one thing to happen so that I can do something else, I'm just going to do that thing and then get to the next. Like my idea of getting fit and achieving a fabulous pilates body and THEN getting sensational haircut. I realised that this way of thinking it fucked. I mean, why put up with bad hair whilst going through the pains in my stomach and thighs? So I took the plunge last Tuesday after work and cut all my hair off. I started pilates on Thursday so the wheels are in motion. Unfortunatly the job front has been really disappointing but I'm not beaten yet. I just need to work on that one a lot more than I have. A friend went for a job last week and I saw how much preparation she did for the interview. In the end it was a job that was all wrong for her and she didn't want but it made me think that I haven't gone about my approach for new work in the right way. Another something that MM needs to get on to. The other thing is my desire to write a book. I'm putting it off because I haven't really got anything to write it on at the moment. I'm currently using my house mate's computer as I'm not in a financial position to buy one at the moment. However, he's off to Perth for 2 weeks so I should use that time to at least start collating the recipes I want to use. After that, I just have to think about the text I wish to use such as the introduction to the book and to each chapter. It will be a lot of work but I have to at least start. All of you have to get on my back and make sure I'm doing this. I'm listening to the latest Gotan Project album called Lunatico and it is sensational. We have tickets to see their show next Sunday so that's where I'll be this time next week. Can't wait. I'll tap out a review of the show so you can read it and comment. I've hated this sabbatical from writing as I love doing it but as you can tell by my last post, I've had fuck all to write about. I guess I just need to read and listen to the world around me - it seems that's what we bloggers do, observe and comment. And that's not such a bad thing, is it?

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Quick said...

Excellent attitude. And yeah, get that cook book rolling. Also, it will be interesting to see what the Gotan Project review is like. If it's good, start reviewing for someone who might pay or at least organise freebies.

Looking forward to the review.