Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Odd Sock Part Dos

I must apologise for my 'woe is me' blog yesterday. I know I could just delete it and no one will be none the wiser but I guess I should keep it there. That's how I felt yesterday. As for eating worms, I ate vermicelli for lunch which is 'little worms' in Italian so I guess in a yummy way, I did. As for my moroseness yesterday, I think it had more to do with feeling hormonal and tired than a lonesome loser. I've been one of those for a while and it hasn't bothered me in the slightest. Shouldn't let it get to me now, should it? Funnily enough, I am wearing odd socks at the moment. I was freezing last night so I groped around my sock drawer in the dark and put on what ever I found. The result was one blue sock and a stripey one. I've chucked a sickie today. Going to enjoy this lovely, sunny day. Doing all my washing to get it clean and fresh smelling resplendant with bad telly and a few cups of coffee. Work can just fuck off today. Saw little James last night. A bit over cooked as he was 10 days overdue but very beautiful. Gayle's explanation of the birth is enough to put any woman off ever doing it... not something I'm ever going to have to contemplate seeing the reproduction factory is rusted over. Besides, anything that doesn't let you sleep in must be evil. Wonder how long it will be before Gayle starts calling J 'the little fucker'? It took less than 24 hours when she had Ollie....


Quick said...

Your woe is you blog was fine. Everyone get's 'em, nothing wrong with venting from time to time. Your friggin' blog anyway.

Glad you're feeling better though.

My blog is weirding me out at the moment. It's misbehaving again and I'm worried it's going to implode, which is why I'm not touching it again today. Blogger is weird.

Your day sounds nice. I, on the other hand am off to play a male nurse on All Saints for the next couple of days. It could be lots of fun, or it could be annoying. I really hope it's fun.

Babies weird me out a little. I'll never know how or why breeders do it. The good ones have the patence of saints.

Margarita Milongita said...

Don't lose your blog- or I'll never blog again! I need my audience of one.
My day has been heaven. After a day of domesticide,walking in the sun,making and eating a pea & prawn risotto, I think I'm ready for a spell in front of the telly.

Quick said...

Blogger appears to behaving.

Pea and prawn risotto. Is that unusual? Don't think I've heard of that one. Mind you, I'm not a big fan of risotto, generally. Have occasionally enjoyed it, just not generally.

Your day would appear to be less stressful than mine, which turned into The Incredible Hulk of Tuesdays. I wedgied that big green fucker though and came out of it feeling all right. Had a friend over for dinner. He's in the photo shoot in Men's Health. Glen. Nice guy, doofer friend.

Did you get either of my emails?

Margarita Milongita said...

You haven't had my risotto which is why you've never fancied it. No one puts love into making it -especially at restaurants where there churn it out en masse.

I'll have to check my hotmail account when I get home as they block webmail access at work. It will be in my junk mail box as I have the filter on due to offers of increasing my penis size and watching horny housewives via webcam.

Always nice to have a friend over for dinner-however not in the Hannibal Lector way.

Back at work and wishing I was back in bed...