Friday, July 14, 2006

A Song For Sophie

Yesterday my friends Paul & Kate had the horrible, unfathomable task of having to bury their beloved first born little girl, Sophie. The service they put together was a wonderful tribute to her. I only met little Sophie on a few occasions but she made a lasting impression. She really showed it if she liked you and thankfully, she liked me and kept wanting me to hold her which was a priveledge. My tears and sadness are not for her. She lived as long as she needed to. I think she taught everyone the lessons she was here to teach. She showed us humility, acceptance,perserverance,tolerance, strength in the face of great adversity and above all- the ability to love purely,simply and freely. I will never in my life know how Paul and Kate feel and how or if they will ever fill the deep hole in their lives now that Sophie has returned to her heavenly home. I'm sure she will be there in their darkest hours to support them and everyone she has touched.
Dear little Sophie, I'm sorry I was never a bigger part in your life but rather than live my life with regret (which is something you would have never done), I will thank you for bringing me back to your dear mother so we can re-connect and start a fresh with a new friendship which began a long time ago. We will usher in a new era of our friendship and through her, I will connect with you. For now, I dedicate this song by Leonard Cohen to you, which I feel is fitting. Un beso y un abrazo niƱa hermosa
If It Be Your Will If it be your will/ That I speak no more/ And my voice be still/ As it was before /I will speak no more/ I shall abide until/ I am spoken for/ If it be your will If it be your will/ That a voice be true/ From this broken hill/ I will sing to you/ From this broken hill/ All your praises they shall ring/ If it be your will/ To let me sing/ From this broken hill /All your praises they shall ring/ If it be your will /To let me sing If it be your will /If there is a choice/ Let the rivers fill/ Let the hills rejoice/ Let your mercy spill/ On all these burning hearts in hell/ If it be your will /To make us well And draw us near/ And bind us tight/ All your children here/ In their rags of light/ In our rags of light/ All dressed to kill/ And end this night/ If it be your will If it be your will.

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