Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The death of good telly

It finally happened last night. The final episode ever for Six Feet Under aired. I cried at the end for a few reasons: one because it was beautiful and two because I wonder if anything as quality will ever be made again. I remember when it first aired back in 2001 and I was almost screaming YES! YES! I believe! I believe! at my tv screen! I guess on the upside it means I will go to bed at 10.30 after Enough Rope (BTW it was brilliant last night- Richard E Grant is amazing) and I will perhaps spend more time at my keyboard writing my cookbook which has barely got off the ground (didn't I blog something in January in regards to this)? It also means I should watch less telly and do more in the way of reading and the afore mentioned writing. I am going to shelve Six Feet Under next to Twin Peaks, Sex and the City and Northern Exposure to complete what I believe to be amazing television. May 'reality' TV fall into a black vortex never to exist again. In the meantime, I will seek good documentaries and quality series made by the BBC. Hopefully HBO have more good works in the pipeline for us to enjoy. Remind me to buy Angels In America and Edge of Darkness! Now excuse me, I have to run off to watch Big Brother.....

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