Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Two Thousand and Sex

  1. Hey wow- another friggin year has begun! So many thoughts, dreams and resolutions as we begin our adventurous trek into 12 months of unknown. Someone once asked Duke Ellington how he came up with the inspiration for his music and his response was "I have a million dreams. All I do is dream." Considering he is still noted as America's greatest composer, writing as many as 2000 songs which are still covered,performed and played to this very day, I might take my lead from Edward Kennedy Ellington and 'have a million dreams'.... the difference is, Duke wasn't a 'gunna'- he actually turned his million dreams into a million realities. Now, I wrote down a list of things I wanted to accomplish for 2005 and I only managed to make 2 of those happen. I also copied Ann's list of 'Things to do before I die' from 'My Life Without Me'. This year, I'd like to merge the 2 and entitle this 'Things to do while I'm still alive and if I don't do them, I will spiritually die' 1. Death To The Fat Moll. I weighed myself on one of those new fangled scales last week. It's official. I am a fat moll. A culmination of beer,carbs,fats and too much sitting on my arse has spiralled my weight to 80.5 kilos. As Super Nanny often says 'this is unasseptable' and this girl must do something about it-pronto. Beginning with walking to and from work regardless of weather and watching what I eat, I hope that this will be the start I need to drop off the lard. Me also thinks the gym and/or pilates should be incorporated into this plan. 2.Get outta debt. Whilst I'm confessin', my credit card has been out of control for way too long. I keep crying poor and after assessing my spending habits, I know why I am out of control. Goal. Pay off as much as I can out of my meagre wage so that by June, the balance of said card is zero. Nada. From then on, pay it off as you use it and don't let it get out of control again. Plan- as I am walking to and from work, I will not be paying fares which usually equates to $5.20 a day. I have calculated this on a yearly scale and it comes to $1352.00. I am also going to take lunch and breakfast everyday and eat dinner at home instead of eating out as much as I do. I will make a budget and stick to it. Debts must be paid. End of story. 3. Passports To Freedom. As we are all aware, Australia has turned into a right wing, white supremist, xenophobic, mega conservative hell so for that reason, me and other people in my life want to leave. I want to live somewhere with culture and where I can learn the spanish language. I guess seeing I am eligible to obtain and EU passport, Spain is probably the likely place for me to go. So, I am gathering what I need to obtain my British passport (my father/sperm provider was good for something- I just hope he isn't wanted by Scotland Yard for crimes of some description) and once I have said passport, I am planning on saving up my bikkies and taking off for Europe. I'll probably end up in jail for sedition if I stay here!! (This blog is not really helping is it)?? Anyhoo, Australia is a place I am slowly not enjoying due to bad decisions made by pollies so for that reason, I need to leave. At least Spain has siesta. 4. More horizontal tango please. Las chicas and my good self were at the pub recently sharing a bottle of good vino blanco and we were all doing toasts of the things we want to come to pass in the future. Jo Ruth Mac completed the toasts by quipping "Heres to two thousand and sex!" Which brings me to this point... 2005 SUCKED on the rutting front. Okay new year, me and the girls want passion and lots of it! Bring forth nice men to know in a biblical sense!!! Give us reasons to have faith in our male population!! Bring with it not only boonting but romance.. let us get a bit drippy and walk around in a dizzy haze with ridiculous grins on our faces... Bill Hicks wrote a song called 'Chicks Dig Jerks' but we are not such chicks. We dig guys who know what they want- we are not into 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen'... I do not think all men are bastards. I just think they are scared and confused. I know I appear scary but I'm not. Okay, maybe just a bit but hey, don't you find that kinda exciting....... 5. Read more,study more,see more. I have been very lazy on this front. I've realized that if I don't excercise my brain, it's going to die. I jokingly comment about myself on a regular basis that I am brain dead, but I am going to stop using this stupid excuse and start to read,study and learn. I'm sure even an old moll like me can do it... Okay spanish language, you and me are going head to head this year and I am going to win. I dream of the day when I begin a blog written entirely in Spanish... I am going to read a new book at least once a month and I am going to see more good films. I also plan to immerse myself more in jazz. Me encanta!! 6. Improve Your Surroundings. The house I live in is cool but it needs improving. A lot. I am going to begin this week by giving it a good cleaning. Then I'm going to chuck out clothes,shoes,papers,etc that I don't need anymore. Then I'm going to have a smudge ceremony and clean out the old and invite in the new good chi. I don't care if you think I'm a daft old hippy - I believe in it so therefore it works. Once we have new chi, I'm going to paint the interiors and start decorating... I'll be there for a while so we may as well make it liveable and personal. 7. Lady, start your keyboard. I have a dream - just like Martin Luther King Jnr- not to free Afro Americans from the horrible situation they were in (although it would be nice) but to write and publish my very own cookbook. So, this is something I wish to start this year. If all goes well, I could be kicking it Kylie Wong style! Hey, not too old to use a bit of homeboy speak.. Okay, me thinks that should do it!! As I said, I got a million dreams... or was that Duke? Oh well....


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Gianni Wise said...

brilliant Maggie .. and whats this about "fat moll"? OK we all put on a bit of weight and hey I support ya to get cown to the gym oor whatever it takes but your one hot lady maggie and don't you forget it!
Yeh and debt does suck - having a tough tiome myself - Mel has a real ability to spent the bucks - but i also need to get rid of debt... not easy - Mel got me to put all my pay except for what I absolutely needed to survive on as soon as the money came in. AND yeh Madrid is wild! Get lessons from a somone from Spain (not latin America..
Heaps of luck and thanks chica for being a beautiful host when we turned up.