Monday, April 11, 2005

Hardy Har Har

The Melbourne comedy festival is here and drawing to a close this week, so last week I thought I'd better get my sizeable arse out to see a show before I kick my myself. My friends, Bob and Ang and my good self booked some tickets to see a show called 'Saturday Afternoon Fever' by Melbourne author of same titled book, radio announcer on SEN sports radio and funny man, Matthew Hardy. I saw Matt in his show with Julie Dawn Cole who as a child played Veruca Salt in 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' and his show was based on his obsession of that same film and her not ever being known for anything else- very witty and entertaining. However, 'Saturday Afternoon Fever' is closer to the heart of anyone who grew up in Melbourne through the '70's & 80's and loved VFL now known as AFL. The days of Scanlan's footy cards, World of Sport with Jack Dyer, Lou Richards, Bobby Davis and Uncle Doug, the woodchop and getting cheap thrills from the 'Ripper 76' album cover. Matt talks about growing up with his parents and 2 brothers in Glen Waverley,his shithouse attempt at playing footy,Derby's night spot, Foster's flops and his undying obsession of the St Kilda footy club and Trevor Barker. Matt paints a clear picture of things we all know and recognise which allowed everyone in the audience to laugh at themselves. This is the man who flew home from London to see the Saints lose to the Crows in the 1997 Grand Final. (BTW I was living in Butt Fuck, Canada at the time and managed to watch it one night on cable at 2.30am cursing and screaming at the telly). Matthew Hardy brought back a time that reminds us of simple pleasures and how truly happy we were. I can still smell that stick of pink gum and the white dust that covered it as you pulled that wax paper to see what you had inside. I wonder if kids know that joy now? And Matt, if you ever read this, I too sometimes feel like I'm 8 sitting by the heater in my jammies watching World Of Sport....

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