Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Osvaldo y Lorena - Part Two

After the thought of having a workshop with 2 tango super stars, I received the news that it was not to be. A random series of events and bad organization (thankfully not on our part) did not make things possible. David and Di found out that they are staying at Crown and tracked them down. Lorena explained that after 22 hours of flying and being dicked around resulted in them landing in Melbourne from Tahiti in the evening rather in the AM as originally scheduled. Lorena and Osvaldo were apologetic and lovely and promised to come to our milonga tonight after the performance with Mr Julio I.... I'll be stopping by Cathryn's on the way to tango tonight to pick up the digital camera so I can indeed document the event if it does actually take place... again, stay tune for the next installment in which I will either write about the whole, beautiful (or disappointing) event or I again will be reporting how they couldn't make it.

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